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Welcome to the MCTA

The MCTA is the Morrow County Township Association.  Bringing together the 16 member townships of Morrow County, the MCTA gives its grassroot government members the ability to interact, discuss, and share findings that allow them to efficiently serve their residents at a personal, local level.  

The MCTA gives a voice to county and local state government and develops channels to generate solutions that address the unique issues that Morrow County townships face.   

Who is the MCTA?

Elected for a four-year term, each township employs (3) trustees and a fiscal officer to administer each of the 16 townships. They are part-time local government employees with full-time responsibilities.  As public servant, the trustee takes his/her duties seriously to fulfill their obligations to their township’s community.

As the grassroots of government, the trustee is a local person making local decisions to better their community.  It is their pleasure to listen and to serves their community.   

What is a Township Trustee?

MCTA Officers


D. Lynn Shinaberry

Chester Township


Bob Thomas

Franklin Township


Paul Hinkle

Peru Township

The Ohio Township Association conducted a study to learn more about how the township measures up to other forms of local government.  The results were eye-opening including facts such as: townships represent only 11% of local government spending, yet have 35% of the state’s population; townships are responsible for the largest share of the state’s roadways; townships are Ohio’s fastest growing government segment making up virtually all of Ohio’s 2000-2010 population growth.  

Ohio Township Association: Local Democracy in Ohio